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Concrete Post


Concrete Posts - Gravel Boards

We stock a full range of Concrete and Wooden products at our fencing centre.



6' Slotted Post

8' Slotted Post

8' Slotted Corner Post  

9' Slotted Post

9' Slotted Corner Post

10' Slotted Corner Post    

6' Mortice Post

8' Mortice Post

8' Mortice Corner Post

9' Mortice Post

9' Mortice Corner Post

6" Gravel Board

12" Gravel Board

2885 Gravel Board

3' Spur Post

4'x4' Spur Post

48 x 4x4 Spur


All Prices excluding VAT


We offer a kerbside delivery service starting. For further information please telephone or send an email. 01489 572569 

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